SWEDISH DYNAMICS SAAB 9000 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System 1991-1998

SWEDISH DYNAMICS SAAB 9000 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System 1991-1998

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 Our SWEDISH DYNAMICS 9000 stainless steel high performance exhaust system  will fit the 9000 turbo (including 9000 Aero, CS,or CSE) or 1991-1998 9000 non turbo 2.3 or V6 (CDE, etc.)  This upgrade incorporates a straight through/louvered design resonator and back muffler for unsurpassed reduction of exhaust back-pressure. Includes a highly polished and resonated 3x4 inch round tip that dresses the 9000's exterior. Noise is kept to a minimum and our customers are always surprised by the smooth yet powerful tone that this upgrade creates. This is a complete factory retrofit from the OEM catalytic conv.(or ext. pipe) back and is constructed of full 304 stainless steel for a lifetime of use...even the welds are stainless!

Power enhancement is typically 7-11 bhp but some of our customers have reported more with this upgrade! These are complete systems from behind the catalytic converter (or flex pipe where applicable) to the tailpipe and are constructed in Germany of the best quality 304 stainless steel for a lifetime of use and good looks. Most systems implement both ultra-high performance resonators (mid muffler) and back mufflers which have been proven to flow substantially better than any OEM/sport systems. This increase in exhaust velocity aids in engine performance and efficiency but the two part (muffler) design keeps exhaust noise to a minimum/provides a pleasant, powerful tone. In short, these systems were designed with performance in mind yet will never annoy the neighbors!

On some applications, testing showed a 7-11 bhp gain, and installation is a complete retrofit onto OEM hangers, hardware, etc making these systems a simple yet very effective update! Many of our customers forward complaints regarding performance exhaust systems purchased elsewhere. The most common complaints are: - The large diameter (in some cases 3") tubing creates an obnoxious vocal without providing additional performance over our 60mm design. Backdraw ( exhaust "crackling/popping" on deceleration) becomes a serious issue with the oversized systems and the 3" design poses clearance issues at frame and underbody locations. - tailpipe tips look plain and unfinished - System doesn't fit properly and contacts frame/body creating "rattle". - "Clamp together" design makes it difficult to adjust or remove without damaging the system. With our SWEDISH DYNAMICS exhaust system, we can guarantee that you would not be able to find a system with better design, fit, cosmetics, materials, etc. at these same prices!

 OUR EXHAUST SYSTEM'S KEY BENEFITS: - Constructed of mandrel bent 304 stainless steel (including welds and resonator packing!) so the system will never rust. - All systems are German made and surpass strict German TUV approval. - Flanged or Tapered Ring couplings means removal/adjustment without damaging pipes...this system will go with you (may be removed and reused) for a lifetime. - Fit perfectly onto factory locations without the need for modifications, welding or alterations. - Performance/efficiency through a reduction of exhaust back-pressure. -Nice "powerful" tone which is sporty but never obnoxious. - Polished resonated tips look sporty and last forever. - "Straight through" louver core muffler/resonator flow substantially better than and OEM or OEM Sport baffled system including the factory Aero exhaust systems. - 65mm diameter has been mapped large enough to extract over 450bhp of exhaust flow yet will keep exhaust velocities high to reduce noise and "backdraw" (exhaust backfire) on deceleration common to other performance systems.