SAAB 900 And 9000 Performance 228mm COSWORTH 6 FInger Clutch Disc, 900 Turbo 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 plus 1994 Convertible,/9000T 1986-1989, 6 Finger 228mm

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Part Number:SAAB228mm6FingerClutchDisc
Our 6 finger design performance clutch disc for all SAAB 9000 1986-1989 plus the 900 Turbo from 1990-1993 plus 1994 convertible in a 228mm design with 17T spline.

Clutch holding capabilities would be greatly increased with employment of the COSWORTH ceramic, and copper, 6 button design, and will fit directly in place of the original SAAB friction disc. Most installations are accomplished while retaining the original SAAB pressure plate, and our upgraded disc will install in the same manner as a SAAB disc assembly. This clutch disc also employ a captured(No Lost Springs!), yet upgraded sprung hub, for ease of clutch engagement and less shock to the transmission.

We have multiple customers exceeding 350 HP with use of our clutch disc upgrade and use of the original SAAB/SACHS clutch pressure plate! 75-80% increase in hold(Over SAAB Disc) is typical and clutch engagement is still very "Daily Driven" capable and designed for the SAAB enthusiast. We specialize in SAAB Performance and have been offering similar discs for SAAB only applications for over 20 years.