2024: ALL NEW 2 YEAR WARRANTY! $699 W/Exchange SAAB 900 1989 to 1994 900 TE05-12B Re-manufactured, - 2 Month Backlog from order date. INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA! -

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As of 2024, SWEDISH DYNAMICS currently has hundreds of TE05-12B turbochargers as well as CHRA in operation all with a proven perfect service history and now extend a BRAND NEW 2-YEAR WARRANTY! Our policy will also be honored to all customers prior to 2022 with details coming soon. SD quality relies in use of only factory turbocharger parts and components. Beware of any seller offering TE05 SAAB turbochargers with what appears as "New" parts since these typically employ poor-quality castings, components, as well as internals, and will never provide the longevity of our replacements. 

Our 1989 - 1993 SAAB 900 Turbo MITSUBISHI TE05-12B, USA re-manufactured turbocharger replacement would directly replace the applications, listed, and was also OEM(Original Equipment) for any 1989+ 900 SPG models, plus all convertible 900 turbo models between 1990 - 1994. This item is also assembled using only genuine SAAB/MITSUBISHI components, will directly replace any SAAB TE05 turbocharger, and includes a full year, unlimited mileage, warranty!

All of our TE05 re-manufactured turbocharger includes fully refreshed internals such as a brand new SAAB/MITSUBISHI manufactured compressor wheel, journal bearings, thrust bearing assemblies, oil seals, etc., and all rotating components are dynamically balanced for immediate installation in place of the factory SAAB 900 TE05 turbocharger.

MITSUBISHI engineered the TE05 turbocharger to directly replace the GARRETT TB03 turbochargers employed on the SAAB 900 prior to 1989. With our assembly being delivered as a complete turbocharger, the TE05 replacement will also directly install in place of any SAAB 900,16V, GARRETT TB03 turbocharger without changes to exhaust flange, induction/intercooler plumbing, oil inlet/return, and coolant connections were identical between the TB03 and TE05 assemblies. Many customers, with existing GARRETT TB03 turbochargers, opt to install our MITSUBISHI TE05 replacement as these are well known to reduce turbocharger "Lag" due to the 20% lighter rotating assembly as compared to the GARRETT TB03 assemblies, and the TE05 turbochargers provide an increased service longevity. 1988 and 1989 SAAB 900 would allow for direct installation of our TE05 turbocharger, while any oil cooled pre-1988 900 models would require coolant connection hardware and plumbing from any 1988 to 1993 900 Turbo application. Many customers replacing their oil-cooled T3 turbocharger on any pre-1988 900 model (Including 8V or B201 engine) with the TE05 assembly and installing as an oil-cooled unit.

Re-manufactured turbocharger replacements have been the most cost effective alternative when replacing a complete new SAAB TE05-12B turbocharger, and we have been offering these SAAB assemblies to automotive repair shops, dealerships, and enthusiasts for over 20 years! 

All re-manufactured TE05 turbochargers are shipped on an exchange basis, and we now offer a $100 core credit upon receipt of the customer's original TE05 turbocharger. Buyers are extended 30 days for a return of the original SAAB turbocharger after installation of our replacement is completed. Successful return shipping, to our CT location, will also be the responsibility of the customer, and we provide full turbocharger core return information at the time of purchase.

We have been offering SAAB only turbocharger replacements for over 20 years under SWEDISH DYNAMICS, INC., and, as of 2022, offer free shipping of this item within the USA!

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