2024 APC Package #4 For 1990-1993 900T(Including 1994 Convert) APC Stage 4, Red Series Fuel Injector Set Plus Fuel EPROM("Chip") Provides A Safe, 60+ Engine BHP Gain!

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Our Stage 4 APC package #4 which will allow installation to the 1990-1993 900 turbo only, and regarded as our "SAAB Owner's Convention" special! This package includes our Stage 4 Red Series APC, Red Series fuel injector set, as well as our new Red Series EPROM(Fuel "Chip") for the BOSCH 2.4 LH fuel management system! Our EPROM/"Chip" replacement takes place at the factory BOSCH LH fuel control unit, is a plug-in upgrade(No Soldering Required), and is expedited with a full instructional. Upon installation, our LH fueling EPROM provides a more progressive fuel curve parameter which matches the higher turbocharger pressure target of our Red Series APC system, and also greatly reduces turbocharger lag! 

APC package #4 is being extended while supplies last during the 2022 season. These upgrades will only fit the 1990-1993 900 turbo (Including 1994 900 Turbo Convertible) and have a total list price of $725 but by purchasing the convention special, we will extend this package for $449.95! Either package will be the basis for generating engine output of 260+ horsepower without requiring additional engine modifications!

Our APC package are offered on an exchange basis, within the USA, and we allow 30 days for the return of the customer's original APC control unit, upon installation of our upgrade. International orders will be expedited on an outright basis without the need for APC core return!