SAAB 1994-1998 900, 1999 9-3 and 1990-1998 9000 GARRETT TB025 Turbocharger Replacement Cartridge/CHRA With 2 Year Warranty. - 2024: CURRENTLY IN STOCK AND INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA! -

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Our genuine SAAB TB025 repair cartridge/CHRA(Center Housing Rotating Assembly) will always prove as the most cost effective alternative when requiring a complete turbocharger replacement SAAB 900 from 1994-1998, SAAB 9000 from 1990-1998, and the 1999 9-3!

All SDI new turbocharger replacement CHRA allow for a simplistic installation(No Special Tools Or Skills Required), and expedited with complete installation instructions, plus a full year, unlimited mileage, warranty!

Our cartridge/CHRA assemblies are the internal "Working Section" of any original SAAB turbocharger which allows for simply, and effectively, repairing your 9000 or 900 TB025 turbocharger. 

The previous 5 years has spawned various "Aftermarket" options of the SAAB T25 turbochargers which would always be listed at a discounted pricing, but will never provide the quality, or service longevity as our original proven SAAB turbocharger cartridge assemblies! 

Our TB025 internal cartridge is a low cost alternative to a complete turbocharger replacement and includes a VSR balanced SAAB compressor wheel/turbine assembly, bearing housing, as well as our new upgraded 360 degree turbine oil seal(For Superior Longevity And Oil Retention), bearings, o-rings, thrust assembly and internals.  

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