SAAB 1999 to 2003 9-5 With V6, 3.0L Engine, GARRETT GT1549 Turbocharger Replacement Cartridge/CHRA With 2 Year Warranty. - 2024: CURRENTLY IN STOCK AND INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA! -

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In stock in 2022, our new GARRETT/SAAB GT1549 turbocharger cartridge/CHRA(Center Housing Rotating Assembly) will always prove to be the most cost effective method when requiring a complete turbocharger replacement for the 1999 to 2003 9-5, with V6 engine! All SDI turbochargers are expedited with full installation instructions, plus a one year, unlimited mileage, warranty! 

Our brand new, zero time, GARRETT GT1549 center section would be installed in place of any tired/damaged SAAB 9-5 V6 turbocharger to renew this rotating assembly. If purchasing a new GT15 turbocharger replacement from GARRETT, pricing will be well over $1500 and delivered with a new exhaust manifold and compressor housing...all of which may be re-employed onto our new GT1549 turbocharger cartridge assembly, and this greatly reduces costs as compared to purchasing a complete turbocharger! 

Our SAAB GT1549 turbocharger replacement includes a VSR balanced GARRETT compressor wheel/turbine assembly, bearing housing, as well as our new upgraded 360 degree turbine oil seal(For Superior Longevity And Oil Retention), bearings, o-rings, thrust assembly, and internals. 

We have been in business for 20 years under SWEDISH DYNAMICS, INC., and fully guarantee as to this item's quality!

We now offer free UPS ground delivery within the Cont. USA and also ship Internationally at $55!