SAAB 9-3 2006 - 2009 Aero, 2.8 Liter, V6, TD04HL-15TK3 Turbocharger Replacement Cartridge/CHRA With 2 Year Warranty. - 2024: IN STOCK AND INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONT. USA!

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Our new genuine SAAB TD04HL-15TK3 turbocharger repair cartridge/CHRA(Center Housing Rotating Assembly) will always prove as the most cost effective method when requiring a complete turbocharger replacement for the 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 SAAB 9-3 V6 AERO(2.8 Liter, B284 Engine) application!

All new SAAB TD04 turbocharger replacements would be expedited with complete installation instructions, plus a full year, unlimited mileage, warranty! 

For SAAB compatibility confirmation, find the 2006 to 2009 SAAB 9-3 Aero VIN number at the windshield or vehicle registration. Reading this number from left to right, the 8th character, of this VIN number, would confirm SAAB engine type. "U", at this VIN location, would show the SAAB's employment of the B284 engine, wherein our new TD04HL-15TK3 cartridge replacement would directly install onto this 9-3 application.

This year has spawned various "Aftermarket"(CHINA) options of the TD04 turbochargers which are always listed at a discounted pricing, but will never provide the quality, or service longevity, of our original SAAB turbocharger assemblies! 

Our TD04HL-15TK3 internal cartridge is a low cost alternative to a complete turbocharger replacement and includes a VSR balanced SAAB compressor wheel/turbine assembly, bearing housing, as well as our new upgraded 360 degree turbine oil seal(For Superior Longevity And Oil Retention), bearings, o-rings, thrust assembly, and internals. 

We now offer free UPS ground service within the Cont. USA and will deliver Internationally at $55!

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