SAAB 900 -1985 Red Series APC Enhancement - 2022: Currently on 4 Week backlog from order date.

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Part Number:-1985SAAB900APC
Currently on 4-week backlog as of 2022, our Red Series APC enhancement raises turbocharger boost pressures to greatly increase engine horsepower on all APC controlled SAAB 900 turbocharged applications up to, and including the 1985 model year! Our APC enhancements will always provide a safe increase in performance by fully retaining knock protection, and many customers find charging pressures in excess of 1 bar(1/2 "Red" on facia APC gauge). This control unit directly mounts onto the underside of the rear passenger seat location of the original APC control unit wiring harness connector, and requires no special tools or skills to install. We currently offer our enhancements on an exchange basis within the USA, but all International customers receive an outright upgrade(No core exchange required).