SAAB 900/9000 1985 To 1989 High Flow Fuel Pump - 2024: 1 WEEK BACKOG AND INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA! -

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1985 to 1989 SAAB 900 or 1986 to 1989 9000 high flow fuel pump is capable of delivery well past the capabilities of the factory SAAB fuel pump and have been race proven for 15 years! 

Our pumps are brand new and include a fully updated rotor mechanism which is capable of delivering over 400 horsepower of fuel, when required! This design also allows for the installation of our upgraded fuel pump within the factory main pump location, and these are always extended with a full lifetime warranty!  

Please also contact us for later model SAAB 900, 9000, 9-3, and 9-5 high flow fuel pumps!