SAAB Performance Aluminum Flywheel 1979-1993 900 and 1986-1989 9000

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Aluminum flywheel for all manual transmission 1979-1993 SAAB 900 or 900 Turbo models, and 9000 Turbo from 1986-1990. These are our exclusive design flywheel as only offered by SWEDISH DYNAMICS!

Our Red Series flywheels are constructed from the highest quality aluminum and are less than half the weight of OEM! This reduction of rotating mass allows for your SAAB's engine horsepower to be transferred to the wheels instead of turning a ridiculously heavy SAAB/OEM 20lb flywheel! This is an advantage which will make for a more immediate vehicle acceleration!...a modification which is still considered an unfair advantage in many automotive racing categories!

Turbocharged SAAB owners will be happy to know that the quicker engine response relates to substantial reduction in turbocharger lag which makes this upgrade a two-fold enhancement. Our 900 aluminum flywheels have a universal SAAB clutch pattern which is a Swedish Dynamics exclusive! Our design allows for 900 owners to employ a larger clutch, in certain pre-1990 900 applications. 

Clutch friction surface longevity, and service life, are fully retained by employment of our special hardened steel friction surface and outer ring gear...both of which are fully removable for service, if required!

This is a modification that has no negative side effects...idle quality, clutch activity, fuel economy, etc. are all held intact yet you reap the reward of a 50% lighter assembly than OEM, and a performance factor impossible to miss! 

Our flywheels are shipped within the USA via UPS, and we also ship our flywheels Internationally, and they have been very popular in the UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, and Japan.