SWEDISH DYNAMICS SAAB, 2.3 Liter, 9000 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System 1991-1998

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Part Number:SAAB9000-98SSExhaust
Our SWEDISH DYNAMICS 9000 stainless steel high performance exhaust system  will fit the 9000 turbo (including 9000 Aero, CS,or CSE) or 1991-1998 9000 non turbo 2.3! This upgrade incorporates a straight through/louvered design resonator, and rear muffler, for unsurpassed reduction of exhaust back-pressure. Includes a highly polished and resonated 3x4 inch round tip that dresses the 9000's exterior. Noise is kept to a minimum and our customers are always surprised by the smooth, yet powerful, tone that this upgrade creates! This is a complete factory retrofit from the OEM catalytic conv.(or ext. pipe) back, and is constructed of full 304 stainless steel for a lifetime of use...even the welds are stainless!

Power enhancement is typically 7-11 bhp but some of our customers have reported more with this upgrade! These are complete systems from behind the catalytic converter(Or Flex Pipe, Where Applicable) to the tailpipe and are constructed in Germany of the best quality 304 stainless steel for a lifetime of use and good looks! This exhaust system will increase exhaust velocity aids in engine performance, and efficiency,  but the dual muffler design keeps exhaust noise to a minimum/provides a pleasant, powerful tone!