Stage 4 APC 1986-1993 900 or 1986-1989 9000, 50-60 Engine BHP Gain! 2024: IN STOCK!

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Our 1986-1993 900 and 1986-1989 9000 NEW Red Series Stage 4 APC system will fit all turbocharged models (including 1994 900 turbo convertible and all SPG models) for a dramatic, yet safe, increase of turbocharger boosting pressures which will provide engine performance of up to 50-60+ BHP! 

Our new stage 4 program for the absolute maximum in safe turbocharger boost pressures and we have successfully sold hundreds of our APC upgrades to customers during our 20 years in business because of our reputation for quality, support, and by offering the most progressive yet safe APC enhancement available anywhere! 

SAAB introduced their APC(AUTOMATIC PERFORMANCE CONTROL) in the early 1980's as a safe method of controlling vehicle turbocharger boosting pressures with a safe, engine "Knock"(Detonation) protection and, due to the fact that this system was so effective, SAAB still employed APC systems for nearly 30 years of vehicle production! The APC system would  adjust turbocharger boosting pressures while "Listening" for engine detonation wherein a lower charging pressure would be provided which will prevent serious mechanical failures. Although it seems that the manufacturer did some homework in designing this system, it's fault lies in the fact that it was designed for the average consumer, and not the enthusiast! Upgrading by use of our APC control units will always the first step taken in the search for higher levels of engine output with the turbocharged SAAB engines in this era!

Our SWEDISH DYNAMICS Stage 4 APC upgrades will provide a substantial gain in engine horsepower/torque increase without negating any of the knock safety parameters. We completely reprogram and employ over 20+ component changes/updates to the APC pcb which will allow for turbocharger boost targets to come on quicker, go out further, and maintain these levels longer! Knock sensitivity is reformatted to be more capable of sensing detonation only…and not engine noise. Depending on fuel delivery and additional modifications, our Stage 4 Red Series APC has been able to generate an additional, yet safe, 50-60 BHP engine output(With A 26-28psi Average) on 900/9000 cars using this system…and we guarantee that you'll feel the difference over any control unit.

Our SWEDISH DYNAMICS Stage 4 APC control units will allow for 900/9000 turbocharger pressures to climb out to the latter part of the boost gauge red zone and full retain these levels while still providing full knock sensitivity, and safety! Our APC system will work progressively well on its own but will perform even better with our fuel support, exhaust systems, intake kits, Magnecor ignition wires, bypass valve upgrades, etc.

USA customers will receive our Red Series APC systems are sold on a exchange basis(Will Require Original APC Core Return, Upon Installation Of Our Upgrade Within 30 Days From Purchase Date) and will simply install directly over the original SAAB APC control unit. All International customers receive our APC enhancements outright without a core return requirement!

AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SCANDANAVIA, UK, Etc. for under $30 US and there is no applicable core charge for international deliveries! Most US deliveries will be under $20 US.