Terms and Conditions

SWEDISH DYNAMICS is in no way affiliated with SAAB or any of the manufacturers we list in this text. The products in this catalog are high performance…none of our products have been endorsed by the automobile manufacturer. Therefore, we are unable to offer a warranty regarding suitability for use or merchantability. In other words, there can and will be differences in engineering, fit, appearance, sound, and construction. Performance of our products may vary depending on the application…we cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as listed in this catalog. Any warranty offered does not include installation/replacement labor, loss of use, or consequential damages. All SWEDISH DYNAMICS product specifications are subject to change without notice.

 Return Policy : SWEDISH DYNAMICS must approve returns within 30 days of purchase and a 15 to 20% restocking fee will be applied to return that is not due to the fault of our own. In most cases, a full store credit will be extended for the monetary value of the returned goods. Electronic and electro-mechanical items are not allowed for return unless fully authorized by SWEDISH DYNAMICS. Core returns are subject to approval of the company…we will not accept damaged cores and reserve the right to refuse and/or charge for items at our discretion. All turbocharger CHRA, remanufactured assembly or any mechanical item purchased may require the assessment from an ASE certified mechanic prior to any allowance for a potential warranty.  Any returned items that are damaged during shipping are the responsibility of the customer.